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Sept. 1 deadline for people with expired driver's licenses and registrations

Gov. Doug Burgum has signed an executive order extending the renewal date for driver’s licenses and vehicle registrations that expire on or after March 1 until August 31.

In March, Burgum signed the original order for licenses and registrations because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

"This executive order simply adds an end date, compared to what we had before, which was open-ended," Burgum said. "That means on September 1, all North Dakota driver's license and motor vehicle registrations will need to be up to date."

The North Dakota Department of Transportation is sending letters to people who would need to renew licenses and registrations, asking them to make an appointment with DOT to have that done.

"NDDOT is working to address the backlog of over 20,650 license renewals, and over 48,000 motor vehicle registrations, all of which expired during the COVID emergency, all covered in this executive order," Burgum said. "That's about 70,000 transactions that need to be completed in the next 10 weeks."

Burgum said for people who are worried about getting a “REAL ID,” the deadline for that has been extended until October 2021.

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