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North Dakota's road construction season going 'very well'


North Dakota's road construction season is going very well.

And it's being helped by a lack of wet weather.

"The current drought we're experiencing here in North Dakota is tough on the farmers and ranchers," said North Dakota Department of Transportation construction engineer Phil Murdoff. "I understand the struggles and worries they're going through. But when it comes to construction, the dry weather is actually allowing many of our projects to progress quicker than usual."

Murdoff said DOT is spending between $350 million and $400 million on projects around the state.

"We're right on schedule, and even ahead of schedule on some projects," Murdoff said.

Murdoff also said he believes the majority of drivers are obeying the slower speed limits through construction zones. He said it’s something they need to remind themselves of, as they travel the state.

"There are often changing conditions in our work zones," Murdoff said. "There may be stopped traffic, different driving surfaces, narrow lanes, things like that."

Murdoff said it's for those reasons drivers need to pay special attention in those work zones.

"Obviously, it's not only for the safety of the workers, but also for the safety of people traveling through them," Murdoff said.