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Richman to retire from NDSCS

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The president of the State College of Science is retiring, effective December 17.

John Richman first came to NDSCS as a student in the early 1970s. He returned in 1986 as the Head Football Coach and through the years has been an instructor in the Health, Physical Education and Recreation Department, the Director of Athletics, and Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs. Richman then served as interim President for one year and was appointed the ninth president by the State Board of Higher Education in February of 2007.

In a video message to the campus, Richman said he and his wife, Marcia, realized it was time to retire.

"Over the course of the next five months, we will continue to move the college forward, in the following ways," Richman said. "We will implement the appropriate strategies and objectives of the strategic plan. We will continue our collaborative planning in phase three of our budget realignment planning. And we will work with the Chancellor and the State Board of Higher Education to insure a smooth transition of leadership."

Richman has, at times, had a rocky relationship with the state Board of Higher Education. He turned an item on the Board’s agenda into an action item concerning the Career Academy. At the time, the Board allowed him to start fundraising for the Academy. Later, he had scheduled a groundbreaking for the Academy, without securing Board approval.

Recently, when college presidents received raises, the Board okayed only the minimum raise for Richman -- $100 a month, the minimum for all state employees. The other presidents received at least 1.5 percent. Richman said he was never given any reason for that raise decision.

Because the matter was discussed in executive session, board members would not comment. A source says the reason Richman received a lower raise is that he was already at 102 percent of the average salaries for his position, based on the Carnegie Classification System. His salary is $210, 605.

In a November, 2020 evaluation, University System Chancellor Mark Hagerott gave Richman high marks for meeting his goals at NDSCS.