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Attorney for Glasser Images promises clients wedding photos and videos

Glasser Images

Tim O'Keeffe says the process of getting the images to their rightful owners may take months.

The lawyer for Glasser Images says the shuttered company is working on ways to get wedding photos and images to their rightful owners.

Fargo attorney Tim O’Keeffe says he agreed to represent Jack Glasser and Glasser Images last Friday afternoon. The photography company abruptly announced its closure last week. O’Keeffe says he and his client are currently working with a couple of other large industry firms and IT companies to find a way to get photos and videos to couples who paid for them. He says Glasser is also releasing copyright ownership of any photos and videos to subcontractors who may still be in possession of them. In the meantime – O’Keeffe is asking for patience.

"This is a process that cannot happen overnight - I'm learning a lot about it, but hopefully it doesn't take months for this to be accomplished. Hopefully it's a matter of weeks, but it is going to take some time to coordinate all of the dissemination of all of the images and videos and get them to the wedding couples. What I can assure you is that, as far as we know, nothing has been destroyed. Everything has been secured and has been kept safe on a number of hard drives. Everything is there. It's just a logistical challenge to try and get this stuff to their rightful owners."

O’Keeffe says Glasser has yet to officially file for bankruptcy, and says there is no “one reason” why the company suddenly closed. He says the pandemic certainly was one factor.

O’Keeffe says any clients of Glasser Images are encouraged to reach out to his firm – O’Keeffe, O’Brien and Lyson.