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Wind farms face deadline on lighting systems

The Public Service Commission will be considering the extensions and waivers on a case-by-case basis.

A number of wind farms in North Dakota have asked for an extension – or a waiver – of the state requirement that they must have a new lighting system – called ADLS, or “Aircraft Detection Lighting System.”

That replaces the constantly blinking red beacon lights, so that the lights are only on when an aircraft is in the area.

The deadline for installing the system is December 31st. The Public Service Commission said seven facilities have implemented ADLS. Eight have asked for an extension of that deadline, and those are pending. One has asked for a waiver, because of concerns raised by the Minot Air Force Base. Two other facilities have received extensions, and one other wind farm has been granted a waiver.

"We've also been very clear to them," said PSC Commissioner Brian Kroshus. "My expectation is that between now and Dec. 31st, they will move heaven and earth to get these projects completed. The public expects it, and the public deserves it."

Seven other wind farms had an earlier date to install ADLS systems, and did so by December 31st, 2019.

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