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Stenehjem won't seek another term as Attorney General

Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem (R) announces he's retiring
Dave Thompson, Prairie Public
Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem (R) announces he's retiring

North Dakota Attorney General Wayne Stenehjem will not seek another term.

His current term ends in 2022.

Stenehjem made the announcement at a Bismarck news conference Friday.

"The citizens of North Dakota have elected me to this office six times," Stenehjem told reporters. "It has been an honor beyond measure."

Stenehjem said he hopes North Dakotans will respect the work he has done.

"I have always stood for and supported the Constitution of the United States, and the Constitution of North Dakota, and the rule of law, in an attempt to make North Dakota the safest and the best state to live," Stenehjem said.

Before being elected in 2000, Stenehjem served in the state Legislature, first in the House, then in the state Senate.. He said he wants to be remembered as a staunch advocate for open meetings and open records laws, as well as for his work on a number of initiatives related to fighting methamphetamines, and reducing human trafficking.

In terms of any advice for his successor, Stenehjem said his philosophy was to hire the best people, let them do their jobs, and only come in to assist them, or when a problems arises. He also said the person should be true to the Constitutions of the US and of North Dakota, and respect the rule of law.

"You do that, and you will have succeeded in what people expect of an Attorney General," Stenehjem said.

Stenehjem said he plans to do some traveling, and he might become involved in some non-profit groups and some local issues.

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