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Yet another clipper system bringing blizzard to eastern North Dakota

National Weather Service, Grand Forks

A blizzard warning will go into effect tonight at midnight.

Yet another Alberta Clipper is approaching the region, bringing with it another blizzard warning for eastern North Dakota and northern Minnesota.

Austin Perroux is a forecaster with the National Weather Service in Grand Forks. He says the blizzard warning goes into effect tonight at midnight as the winds begin to pick up, and says significant travel impacts will be felt throughout the Devils Lake Basin into the Red River Valley through the afternoon hours tomorrow. He says not a lot of new snow will accumulate, but blowing snow is a certainty.

"We do have high confidence in blowing snow, because our winds tomorrow are expected to be in the 40 to 50 mile per hour rage, possibly crossing over 60. We've determined that the snow is relatively blowable, so there is high confidence that we will have blowing snow tomorrow. And as such, we are expecting we also have high confidence that travel impacts will be expected, especially within the blizzard warning area."

Perroux says a northwesterly pattern continues to cycle these strong clippers through the region that don’t typically dump a lot of snow, but pack a heavy punch with strong winds.

"These clippers have been sweeping through the area, and they bring a lot of dry air with them, where the snow is not falling. Where the snow has fallen with these clippers is in the Manitoba, specifically Winnipeg areas. Because the back side of these clippers have pretty strong northwesterly winds, all that snow up in Winnipeg is just blowing straight down into the Red River Valley, and that's why we're having these frequent blizzards."

Perroux says northwestern Minnesota may see the highest accumulations of snow with this system, but only amounting to an inch or two.