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Bismarck's U-Mary to begin a 'cyber security' program this fall

Matt Frohlich, U-Mary cyber security administration program director
University of Mary
Matt Frohlich, U-Mary cyber security administration program director

Bismarck’s University of Mary is beginning a cyber-security administration program.

"Essentially, we're starting a new cyber security undergraduate degree out here," said program director Matt Frohlich.

Frohlich said he and professor Kevin Fishbeck will be working to get the program off the ground this fall. He said there should be a lot of interest in the program.

"There's just so much opportunity out there," Frohlich said. "They can't fill the positions that are out there, so it's 'all hands on deck' right now."

Frohlich said for anyone interested in IT and technology, there's opportunity.

"The students are starting to hear this, and pick up on this," Frohlich said. And he said the jobs pay very well. Frohlich said those jobs start at $85,000 to $130,000 per year.

Frohlich said for some time, U-Mary has had a strong I-T management program.

"We have had a lot of good graduates that are working in the field," Frohlich said. "But they've come back to us, and said what they're missing is this security piece. So we have taken that foundation, and developed a new program here."

In early May, U-Mary will be holding a “CyberConnect” event, to bring together potential students to connect with industry professionals.

"Just to give students a glimpse into what cyber security is, what people do day-to-day for their careers," Frohlich said. "Maybe that will spark some of their interest, and get them thinking about cyber security as a career, whether they go to school here or a different school. We just need people."

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