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Dream Center opens in Bismarck

Dream Center Bismarck, ND

The doors to the Dream Center in Bismarck will officially open to the community Sunday, April 24. Dream Center is a meal and service ministry that provides the programs and resources to help individuals in need. Several organizations will be housed in the Dream Center, such as the Adopt-a-Block Food Distribution Program, which delivers food to neighborhoods in need, and the Banquet which serves free meals seven days a week. Doreen Quist is Administrative Director of the Dream Center.

"We have a pantry here, so people can eat and then go to the pantry, grab some groceries, and take them home with them. There are so many other things going on. We're working with Northland Health Centers to offer free health screenings throughout the week. We're working with Bismarck/Burleigh Public health, we're going to have art classes for kids, cooking classes, legal services, budgeting classes, women's discipleship/mentorship programs, we have a coffee bar, a chapel; there's a lot. We just want this to be a one-stop place for anybody to come to and find what they're looking for."

The banquet is currently serving about 700 meals per week and the Adopt-a-Block program serves 500-600 households per week. The Dream Center expects these numbers to rise as more people become aware of the Center.

"We have our open house this weekend on Sunday. It goes from 3:00 to 6:00, we have a short program at 4:00. The mayor will be speaking at that, and also Senator Kevin Cramer will be speaking a little bit, and Jim and Cindy, the founders of the dream Center will be speaking as well. We're going to be having free food, the Banquet is going to be serving, you can explore the whole building and see what's going on in each area."

The Dream Center has a holistic approach to service and outreach to the Bismarck area.

"The really cool thing about the Dream Center is that it's open to anyone. We've had doctors come and eat at the banquet and they are not there because they are poor, obviously, they're there because they want the community. Community I think is so important to mental health, spiritual health, physical health; really, it's super important and I think people are really wanting that community."

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