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Bismarck organizations collaborate to stop fake IDs

A row of beer cans in Australia, where a man's beer fridge has been blamed for playing havoc with the cellphone network in several neighborhoods.
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Row of beer cans

Bismarck-Burleigh Public Health and the Bismarck Police Department are partnering with area bars and local colleges to use Fake ID Scanners to prevent underage drinking. The pilot project began in August of 2021 collaborating with local bars to determine the number of fake IDs in the community. The program is now expanding to include restaurants that serve alcohol. Susan Kahler is SAP Coordinator for Bismarck-Burleigh Public Health.

"How it works is, they sign an agreement to use our fake ID scanners which is an extensive scanner that scans from forty to fifty points. Since they implemented this project, we have so far received 107 fake IDs from our community. When bars are trained on the scanners, they will return the fake IDs to our police department and then, we partnered with our local colleges, and our local colleges will receive a list of the fake IDs and will determine if some of them are students at these local colleges and they will address that student through their student code of conduct."

Kahler hopes that the program will spread to liquor stores as well.

"It is a way to prevent underage access to alcohol and to stop the legal, financial, and social consequences from underage drinking."