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Job Service ND is hosting its first statewide virtual multi-industry job fair


Job Service ND is hosting its first statewide virtual multi-industry job fair. On May 19th from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. one hundred employers representing a variety of different industries will be online to meet prospective employees. Executive Director for Job Service ND Pat Bertagnolli hopes to attract job-seekers not only from North Dakota but also from across the United States.

"We've got top ten cities that we've been targeting based off of intel that we've received about these larger cities around the country that have been shopping for our North Dakota jobs, so we're doing a targeted campaign in each of those areas. This job fair that we have coming up is a great opportunity for them to see the great high-paying jobs that we have out there. With this job fair we have somewhat of a focus on manufacturing, healthcare, oil and gas, transportation, education, engineering, really just some of the jobs that we have in the great state of North Dakota that really command the attention of our out of state job seekers."

Bertagnoli says that the online event will function like an in person job fair.

"They'll have their booth and they can have video in there, they can have have chat, they can do video interfacing, all that stuff. It's really similar to an in person job fair, it's just that it's done virtually. We are reaching out so some of our sister agencies to include the department of commerce, tourism, parks and rec, and some of those agencies, to have them join us in this job fair so that people get to look at some of the jobs there are out there, but also get the opportunity to learn a little bit about what makes North Dakota great from a quality of life aspect."

You can register for the free event on the Job Service ND website.