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ND Department of Health has recommendations for formula shortage

The North Dakota Department of Health and state WIC programs are working to fight the shortage of formula that many North Dakotans face. Marie Moe, Chief Communications Officer for the North Dakota Department of Health, has some recommendations for those affected by the shortage.

"It really is ok for most babies to easily switch from one formula to another brand, including store brands. Some babies do have sensitive diets so its important o work with a pediatrician before choosing an alternative brand if that's the case. Definitely talk with healthcare providers, they may have resources, they may even have samples on hand. One thing that many people may not realise is that this recall is only affecting the powdered formula and so a lot of the times there are the ready to feed infant concentrates and those may be more available as well."

Moe warns against watering down formula or making homemade formulas.

"It's really important for people to talk to their own pediatricians about what their babies need. There is great information out there that is available, including on the Department of Health's website, about things to do and things not to do, but one of the things is to not make homemade formula. Homemade formula does not have the necessary nutrients that an infant needs and it could possibly be risky to give it to them. So if a family is in need of formula, definitely reach out. If it's an immediate need, you can call 211 and let them know that you have an immediate need. Otherwise we would encourage them to contact a local WIC office or their pediatrician.

Moe encourages those who have trouble paying for formula to look into WIC or SNAP programs.