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Bike Rodeo safety event

Officer Fuller talking about safety with a kid.
Officer Fuller talking about safety with a kid.

This week, Bismarck - Mandan Safety Council hosted a Bike Rodeo safety event. The event provided hands on education for bicycle safety, including helmet fitting, bike inspection, and a kids’ obstacle course. Officer Clint Fuller with the Bismarck Police Department talks about the importance of safety equipment such as helmets.

"Kids are out there and, you know, when I was younger, I din't know how dangerous it is riding a bicycle, especially with all the cars on the road. Just being out there, I probably never wore a helmet, but it's very important. We actually have a helmet here that somebody was wearing when they crashed. So I talk to the kids about how this could be a crack in their skull, so just reiterating that having this on is going to protect your brain. Brain injuries are common so we don't want to have that. Also just some safety equipment, we have some knee pads, elbow pads, so if you're out there, wear that. Bright, reflective clothing is important to be seen."

Cassie Geithman from Bismarck-Burleigh Public Health says it’s important for a helmet to have the right fit on a child’s head.

"So we want the helmet to fit about two finger breadths above the eyebrows on the forehead. It should be nice and snug. If you have the child open their mouth, you should visibly see the helmet move down on the forehead."

The event helped kids get ready for the summer biking season.