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Kids aged 6 months to 4 years can receive COVID-19 vaccines Friday

Parents can set up their appointments with their primary providers.

Starting Friday, children between the ages of six months and four years will be able to receive COVID-19 vaccines.

This week, the CDC granted full authorization of the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for the youngest and last age group. Parents can begin making appointments for their children to receive the shots tomorrow.

Dr. Stephanie Hanson is a pediatrician at Sanford Health in Fargo.

"It's actually quite similar to other vaccines that kids get at this age in that it's a three dose series; so the actual amount of vaccination they get is a smaller dose than older children or adults would get, but then they get the three doses to achieve that good immunity."

The second dose is administered three weeks after the first dose, with the third dose being administered eight weeks later.

Hanson says she understands if parents are hesitant or concerned about the safety of this vaccine. But she says the shots are the best tools we have for protecting kids from COVID.

"I want people to remember that vaccines are some of the most well-tested medications that we administer. They go through a really rigorous process to assure their safety and effectiveness, and that's true for the COVID vaccine as well. We absolutely believe this vaccine is safe, that it's important to help protect kids from severe complications of COVID, and we recommend that kids in this age group go ahead and start the series as soon as possible."

To make an appointment at Sanford, Hanson says parents can call their primary care providers or do so through My Sanford Chart.

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