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State to apply for federal funding to strengthen the state's electric grid

Lignite Energy Council

North Dakota is formally applying for funding from the federal Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act to strengthen the state’s electric grid.

State Transmission Authority John Weeda said compared with the rest of the country, North Dakota's grid is in pretty good shape — but can always be improved.

"One prime example: You know how the distribution was affected in the April storm," Weeda said in an interview. "These funds can be used to harden that portion of the grid, so that we can have more reliable power supply to the end customer."

Weeda said there is a definite need for more transmission.

"The projects that I think are just on the horizon will be very important, not only to strengthen North Dakota's grid, but to strengthen our ties east and west," Weeda said.

In 2021, North Dakota exported 46 percent of the electricity produced here.

"But there's growth in North Dakota," Weeda said. "And that's why some of that transmission locally is so important, to make sure we are serving the customers here. That's our priority."

The state Industrial Commission approved the application.

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