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Casselton man charged with class B felony insurance fraud

Paul Joseph Baumler is accused of misrepresenting at least 14 insurance claims.

A Casselton man is being charged with a class B felony after filing multiple fraudulent insurance claims.

Jacob Just is a spokesman for the North Dakota Insurance Department. He says 58 year old Paul Joseph Baumler is being charged with one count of committing a fraudulent insurance act, which carries a maximum penalty of ten years in prison, a $20,000 fine, or both.

"We don't normally see cases this significant; normally when we see cases of insurance fraud that lead to any criminal charges or penalties, they're usually smaller. Maybe a small fine, but it's pretty rare when we start to see cases that have potential for criminal charges."

Just says a one-sentence tip was submitted to the Insurance Department’s Fraud Investigation Division. Investigators were able to determine Baumler had filed 39 insurance claims through multiple insurance companies involving ATV accidents. 14 of those claims were found to be misrepresented. Just says Baumler was able to receive over $34,000 in claims payouts.

Just says the Fraud Investigation Division assists local jurisdictions with prosecution.

"We are able to work with the local state's attorney's office, whether its Cass County, Burleigh County and everywhere else around the state - we're able to work with those local prosecutors to not only do the investigation, but also lead the prosecution. So, making it easier on those local offices."

A warrant has been issued for Baumler’s arrest.