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Absentee ballots mailed in Cass County this week

Turnout is looking "typical" according to officials.

Election officials in Cass County expect a “typical” turnout for absentee ballots for the upcoming mid-term election.

Catlin Solum is Public Information Coordinator with Cass County Government. He says the first batch of ballots have been mailed this week, with another batch to be sent out later this week. Final numbers won’t be ready until after all the ballots have been mailed, but he says trends are pointing to a more average turnout for absentee votes.

"The 2020 general election, there was 32,000 absentee ballots mailed out. Obviously, that was a presidential election and COVID was going, so that was kind of an outlier as far as historical trends. But typically, when it's not a presidential election, you see around that 6,500 mark for absentee ballots."

Solum says Cass County residents can still apply for absentee ballots through October 16, and past that date voters can request them in person at the Cass County Finance Office. The last day absentee ballots will be mailed out in Cass County is October 30.