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Burgum pushes for a 'carve out' from the corporate farming law, for animal operations

Gov. Doug Burgum is calling for a “carve-out” of the state’s corporate farming law, to allow non-related ranchers to invest in large animal operations.

In his “State of the State” address, Burgum said North Dakota trails surrounding states in animal agriculture, and has to import most of its milk supplies.
But he said giving ranchers these tools to invest in those kinds of operations will help restore that industry.

"We can do it wisely, with smart environmental stewardship," Burgum said. "Plus, the economics of animal agriculture, increased land values, can help rural communities grow and thrive."

Burgum urged lawmakers to change what he called a "long-downward trajectory of animal agriculture in North Dakota." He said they should do away with the "archaic law, as it applies to ownership of animal agriculture operations."

"Let's take the handcuffs off our ranchers and livestock producers," Burgum said. "We need 'farm freedom' legislation, and we need it now," Burgum said.

A previous attempt to repeal the state’s corporate farming law was passed by the Legislature, but was referred and turned down by North Dakota voters.

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