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ND House passes 'sports betting' measure

The North Dakota House has voted to put the question of legalizing sports betting on next year’s November ballot.

The vote was 49 to 44.

Representative Greg Stemen (R-Fargo) said the matter should be in the hands of North Dakota voters.

"This is a process, and it's working in the manner in which it should," Stemen said. "Our citizens have the right, when it comes to important decisions like this, to say move forward with this, or don't."

Stemen said North Dakota voters have the right to speak their minds on this issue.

Representative Lori VanWinkle (R-Minot) spoke against the measure. She said she isn’t in favor of expanding gambling.

"Extending this to sports will corrupt sports, and the sanctity of fun competition and true athletics, and would turn it into a money-making scandal," VanWinkle said. "Let us not open the doors even further for lust for more gambling."

Barring reconsideration, the proposed state Constitutional amendment will next go to the state Senate.

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