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NDDOT unveiled its 100th anniversary state highway map

The North Dakota Department of Transportation unveiled its 100th anniversary edition of the North Dakota state highway map. Every two years, the NDDOT comes out with a new version of the state highway map. The first state highway map was created in 1924.

ND DOT Division Director for Planning and Asset Management, Scott Zainhofsky, says the map features additional roads, areas of interest, and QR codes to help the public take full advantage of all North Dakota has to offer.

"A map is really a planning tool that allows people to see what is around the route they're thinking about taking. It gives you a place to start to find more detailed information about those locations though the various insets, and the DR codes, and things like that."

Steve Nelson is the director of the roadway data section of the NDDOT. He says the map reflects its hundred-year history.

"Now the map, obviously the map has changed in many, many different ways. Kind of looking at different aeras of the map, from 1924 to 1938, only the state highways were shown, and then from 1938 on, more roads were shown. So, back in the 1920s, we said that we had over 106 thousand miles of roads. Today we have over 74 hundred miles of state highways."

A digital version of the map is available online or a paper map can be requested from the DOT.