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This week is National Poison Prevention Week

The North Dakota Department of Health and Human Services is highlighting this by raising awareness of household poisonings.

March 19th through the 25th is recognized as National Poison Prevention Week.

Beth Oestreich is Injury Prevention Program Director for the North Dakota Department of Health and Human Services. She says this week is all about recognizing ways to prevent poisonings in your home.

"One of the most common things that younger kids get into are cleaners or toxic products - so any of those household bathroom or kitchen cleaners, bleach, detergent, dishwashing liquid - all of those should be kept out of the children's sight and reach and in a locked cupboard. People's purses, or if you have visitors like a grandparent, a lot of times they may carry medications in their bag and a lot of people don't think about keeping those medications in their original, child-locked containers."

Oestreich says that while half of the calls to poison centers in North Dakota are about children, the most serious poisonings tend to occur in teens and adults. Oestreich says many poisonings are avoided with safe use, proper storage and disposal of products and medications.

She says everyone is encouraged to add the Poison Help number to their important phone directories or contacts – that number is 1-800-222-1222.