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Legislature passes 'carve out' of the corporate farming bill for animal agiculture

A bill creating an exception to North Dakota’s anti-corporate farming law for animal agriculture operations is on its way to Gov, Burgum’s desk.

House Bill 1371 will allow limited corporations to operate feedlots, dairy operations and slaughterhouses.

"This 2023 modernization bill is all about boosting animal agriculture in North Dakota," said Rep. Paul Thomas (R-Velva), the bill's main sponsor. "It permits dairies, livestock, feedlots and swine and poultry production to flourish and create economic engines to bolster our state's economy and help revitalize our rural communities."

It passed the House 72 to 20. It later passed the Senate 41 to 5.

"The bill is to give the livestock industry a better standing in the state of North Dakota," said Sen. Larry Luick (R-Fairmount). "Hopefully, it will help the agriculture industry as a whole in the state."

Burgum is expected to sign it.

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