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EMS workers honored during National EMS Week

In Fargo, a free event open to the public will showcase emergency vehicles.

The EMS Week event will take place on Tuesday evening, May 23rd from 5 to 6:30pm at Rheaux Farm (row farm) in Fargo. Attendees can tour emergency vehicles, get some free food and even learn hands-only CPR. The event is free and open to the public.

Next week is National EMS Week, and Sanford Ambulance will be hosting a community event in Fargo to showcase and celebrate its first responders.

Sanford Ambulance currently has about 150 members, and serves Fargo, Moorhead, West Fargo and Dilworth. Spokesman Don Martin says event attendees will get a close up look at some emergency response vehicles.

"EMS is so wide range - and that's why we invite all our public safety partners - whether it be law enforcement, fire - to come and show off all the equipment they use, because that way it gives the public an opportunity to come and see because the majority of the public has never called 911. Or when they do, they don't really know what services are available. It's also a chance for children to actually come out and look and see what EMS looks like, or inside a fire truck, or squad car - so they can have awareness. They can see from a distance, but until you truly need it, you can't really see the equipment that's there. And when you need it, you're not paying attention."

Martin says EMS Week is also a time to honor and recognize the men and women on the very front lines of health care. He says there are several different levels of EMS workers.

"Starting from the nationally registered EMTs at the basic level, all the way up to paramedics and community paramedics, as well as our critical care paramedics on the flight teams. We have all those different levels but they all work together as a team on the ambulances and the flight teams. It takes a team, or a family - as we call it - to get the job done, and so we're so proud of all of our professionals that are out there you know, risking themselves but also taking time out of their lives to do what they did, especially during COVID. It's great to have all our team members there to be thanked, but great for the public to come out and say thank you as well."

Martin says there is a shortage in healthcare workers nationwide, to include EMS workers. He says locally, the Sanford Paramedic Academy offers opportunities to learn the career and get paid while doing it.