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Georgia man killed in Cass County rollover accident. Service dog survives.

 North Dakota State Patrol
State of North Dakota

State Highway Patrol continues to investigate Monday incident.

Patrol Sergeant Evan Savageau says 52-year old Roger Sizemore, of Augusta, Georgia was west bound when he lost control of the pickup he was driving and went into the ditch. The vehicle then overturned, ejecting the unbelted Sizemore who was fatally injured…

"...It's the most difficult part of job when we come into investigate. We may not know the individual, but there's always a family, a friend, or someone that may have been close to the person. And that makes it extremely difficult to tell a family or friend that, you lost a loved one here today."

Savageau says in this case, a service dog was in the vehicle with Sizemore…

"...Obviously if the animal was with, it experienced that kind of trauma as well... they're an animal right? And sometimes you just don't know how they're going to respond. But in this case I think there may have been time for the dog to settle down and come back to that homeostasis level and be a little more comfortable around other people after it has had time to assess and figure out that the trauma is now over. Personally, as a dog owner as well, you feel for the animal and want it cared for in the best way possible. And that's what we tried to do."

The service dog was given veterinary care following the incident. Savageau says members of the State Patrol’s Crash Assistance program are working to reunite the dog with Sizemore’s family.