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Nurses hold 'informational picket' at CHI-St. Alexius Hospital in Bismarck

Dave Thompson

Nurses from Bismarck’s CHI Saint Alexius hospital held an “informational picket” outside the hospital Tuesday.

They’re in negotiations with hospital management over pay and staffing levels.

"The goal is for safe staffing," said Rachel Heintz, who has been a nurse at St. A’s since 2010. "The nurses want to have some serious conversations about staffing, and how that pertains to patient safety."

Heintz said the nurses have not had any meaningful dialogue with management about staffing levels.

"If we have had conversations, they have not resulted in any substantial language in bargaining that would help keep our patients safe," Heintz said.

The union representing the nurses – the Minnesota Nurses Association – says the hospital has refused to address staffing issues, and says executives have offered a wage proposal that, when adjusted for inflation, would actually be a wage cut.

The hospital said it has offered a “competitive wage and benefits” package, and continues to bargain in good faith.

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