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GOP to vote on abortion resolution

The state committee of the North Dakota Republican Party has approved a new anti-abortion resolution that will be voted on at the state GOP convention next week in Fargo.

Sources have said the resolution would call for the outlawing of all abortions – and would provide for criminal charges against a woman who has an abortion, as well as “co-conspirators,” for the woman who has the abortion.

Sen. Janne Myrdal (R-Edinburg) is the author of the state’s current abortion law. She said she didn’t know anything about the proposed resolution before it was brought forward, and was not at the state committee meeting where the issue was discussed.

"The sad misunderstanding is, people don't realize that North Dakota is abortion-free at the moment," Myrdal said. "The abortion clinic moved to Minnesota."

Myrdal said the proposed resolution goes too far.

"None of the pro-life organizations that I know of would support a felony on a woman having an abortion," Myrdal said. "That has never been something we wanted."

Myrdal said there are other parts of the resolution she has issues with. But she said at this time, it is just a resolution.

"It really doesn't have much meaning, as far as effectiveness in North Dakota," Myrdal said. "If it turns into something else, a law or a suggestion flor a law, we'll have to deal with it in the next session."

The issue will be up for a vote in the first day of the Convention.

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