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Minnesota raising its new flag

The new flag will go up this weekend on Statehood Day.

The state of Minnesota will mark its Statehood Day tomorrow by hoisting its new flag at the state capitol.

The new flag depicts the eight pointed “white star of the north” inside a deep blue, Minnesota shaped figure on its left, with light blue cascading across the right. The blue represents the state’s vast network of its 10,000 lakes.

Governor Tim Walz will begin flying the flag at the Governor’s residence as well. He says he’s proud of the new flag, and thinks it sets Minnesota apart from other states in the Midwest.

"Just like all the jurisdictions of states the same way, this will kind of be a rollout as we update stationary, update things, we'll start to pull in that. I'm excited to see it, I think it's one of those things that's really identifiable, and we're not part of that blue mass of seals right on the middle of 20 other states."

Minnesota’s new state seal will also begin its switchover this weekend. The new seal depicts Minnesota’s state bird – the loon – on a lake, surrounded by pine trees, the North Star and sprigs of wild rice. It also incorporates “Mni Sota Makoce,” which means “where the waters reflect the sky” in the Dakota language.