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Telling Stories, Creating Community, Understanding the Legacies of War.Space for veterans, their family members, and the larger community, to unpack, or in other words, talk freely, about complex topics such as life in the military, experiences of war, the return home, and readjusting to life as a civilian.Supported by North Dakota State University and the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Jim Hodge at TEDx Fargo ~ Project Unpack: Christina Weber

In this excerpt from the TEDx event in Fargo, speaker Jim Hodge shares observations on philanthropy. ~~~ In part four of Watching Our Water, Harvest Public Media reporter Peggy Lowe looks at the urban side of the equation when it comes to water pollution.~~~ Project Unpack. Telling Stories. Creating community. Understanding the legacies of war.  It’s a one-year program funded by the National Endowment for the Humanities. Today we hear from Dr. Christina Weber is an associate professor of sociology at NDSU. She wrote the grant to fund project unpack, and shares her own personal story of how her father’s service in Vietnam had long term, destructive consequences. ~~~ A Plains Folk essay from NDSU history professor Tom Isern: “Reflections from Section 21.”

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