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"TransNodak" Exhibit ~ Opposing Circumcision

"TransNodak” is an exhibit that takes a personal look at transgender individuals of North Dakota via portraiture by photographer Beverly Poppe. Ashley attended the opening on Friday and visited with Poppe. ~~~ Meanwhile, in Minnesota, the Department of Education has taken steps to help educators with issues arising from the increasing number of students who are openly transgender. ~~~ Isolation isn’t just a complaint of rural life, it can be the root of a host of problems. Harvest Public Media’s Bryan Thompson visits a converted a storefront where young mothers in poverty to find support and resources. ~~~ One concern about the rising costs of health care is the over-use of some medical procedures. One that’s coming under criticism for more than the cost is circumcision. Activists have protested in a handful of locations across the state. Today they were in Fargo. Ashley visits with David Atkison, CEO and co-director of Blood Stained Men. For more information, here’s a link to an article by Aaron E. Carroll, professor of pediatrics at Indiana University School of Medicine titled “Should You Circumcise Your Baby Boy?