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Toxins ~ Indigenous Representation ~ Influx of Toads ~ No Hugs


Monday, October 21, 2019 – Naturopathic doctor Alli Svobodny joins us for a discussion of toxins, including the effects on the brain. ~~~ Mark Trahant, editor of Indian Country Today, shares his thoughts on a recent summit regarding the arctic, and the importance of including indigenous voices. ~~~ In this week’s Natural North Dakota, biologist Chuck Lura investigates a flood of toads in one pocket of the state.  ~~~ Not everyone loves hugs. Some doctors and counselors say we shouldn't force them upon kids. As a mom and a scientist, Deirdre Prishchmann-Voldselth noticed her second child didn’t like hugs. She went looking for children’s books to help her child talk about it. When she noticed there weren't any good options, she wrote one herself! She joins us to talks about her book, “No Hugs!” 

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