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Creating Sustainable Food Systems ~ Food Waste Turned into Electricity ~ Armed First Responders


Wednesday, December 11, 2019 – Megan Myrdal of “Food of the North” is John Harris’s guest this week on the Prairie Public television show. In this excerpt, she they discuss several local food initiatives. ~~~ In a story from NPR’s Allison Aubrey, we hear about farmers using food waste to make electricity. ~~~ Stan Schauer of the North Dakota Department of Public instruction has been in charge of drafting the rules for the state’s Armed First Responder Program, which will allow school personnel to have firearms. He joins us for a discussion of those new rules. ~~~ A possible solution for one form of water pollution is moving out of the lab and into the field. Harvest Public Media’s Fred Knapp looks at a development that could revive some unused wells and save some towns a lot of money.