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Empathy Stress ~ A Tom Isern Plains Folk Essay ~ Sue Balcom on Noodles

Thursday, May 14, 2020 - An unofficial slogan of the pandemic is, “we’re all in this together,” but that doesn’t necessarily make empathy toward friends, family, or strangers an easy thing. Self-care coach Randi Kay joins us to talk about empathy fatigue. ~~~ Tom Isern shares a Plains Folk essay titled "Famous Character of Hamilton." ~~~ For this week’s Main Street Eats, Root Seller Sue joins us to talk about homemade egg noodles. ~~~ Sue Balcom is also interested in history. She came up with the idea for “Women Behind the Plow,” a project sharing old stories about hard-working farm women. It became a photo exhibit that toured the state; and also a photo book. The idea even inspired a Prairie Public documentary by the same name. In this excerpt from that documentary, we hear from Carol Just and her great niece, Karly Just.

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