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Nadeem Khan on COVID Research ~ Mark Trahant on DAPL Decision ~ Senior Services During Pandemic


Tuesday, July 7, 2020 - Infectious disease researchers at the Department of Biomedical Sciences at UND have geared up efforts in response to COVID-19. Here to discuss their work and the strategies that can help address pandemics is Dr. Nadeem Khan. ~~~ From today’s Morning Edition, NPR's David Greene talks to Mark Trahant, former UND professor and the editor of Indian Country Today, about what the Dakota Access Pipeline shutdown means for activists, and where the court battle goes from here. ~~~ Adapting to life during a pandemic has been a particular challenge for agencies across the state that offer senior services. The demand for meals on wheels is up sharply, while the opportunities for social gatherings and other services have been curtailed. Joining us is Brian Arett, director of Valley Senior Services.