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Pandemic Financial Counselling ~ Dr. Eric Topol on Vaccines ~ Author Russell Rowland


Monday, August 10, 2020 - With the pandemic raising havoc for many people, we check in with Tina Anim at The Village Family Service Center. She’s the Financial Resource Center program manager. They provide budget counseling, debt management, money management education, housing counseling, foreclosure prevention counseling, pre-marital financial counseling, gambling counseling, and even a credit report reading service. ~~~ Dr. Eric Topol is founder and director of the Scripps Translational Institute. He’s a globally renowned cardiologist, health technologist, and innovator. He’s the best selling author of books The Creative Destruction of Medicine and Deep Medicine: How AI Can Make Healthcare Human. He spoke with Mark Masselli and Margaret Flinter, hosts of the Conversations on Healthcare podcast about the possibility of a COVID-19 vaccine. ~~~ There are three major challenges that the nation is facing right now: The pandemic, the economic impact from that disease, and the renewed debate about race relations. Mark Trahant offers a commentary on these three really complicated, really important issues. ~~~ Russell Rowland discusses his 2019 novel, "Cold Country," which had just been optioned for film. In a conversation with Sarah Aaronson, host of The Write Question.