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State Paleontologist Clint Boyd ~ "Midwest Mediterranean" Eating ~ Seed Shortages


Wednesday, February 17, 2021 - An 8-year-old recently called-out NPR for not doing enough dinosaur stories! Instead of All Things Considered, he said it should be called Newsy Things Considered. Cracked us up. But that got us thinking that it's about time for an update on the goings-on in the paleontology program at the North Dakota Geological Survey; and it so happens that they’ve just finalized the summer fossil dig schedule. Here to discuss the digs, the state’s fossil collection, and online educational resources is state paleontologist Clint Boyd. ~~~ John Harris interviews Food of the North Co-Founder Megan Myrdal about a new project called Midwest Mediterranean. Megan also talks about how Covid has impacted people's food habits, good and bad, the difficulty of staging live food markets, and problems with the food supply chain. ~~~If you’ve taken up gardening during the pandemic – you’re certainly not alone. COVID gardens popped up all over the country, with more people working from home and wanting to grow their own food. That’s led to a huge spike in demand for seeds, and as Harvest Public Media’s Dana Cronin reports, seed companies are struggling to keep up.