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ND "Wall of Honor" ~ Tell Tale Folklife Story ~ Arts Amid Pandemic ~ Actress Kayli Stanger


Wednesday, March 3, 2021 - In an excerpt of the Prairie Pulse television show, host John Harris visits with Dennis Beck, about a new North Dakota non-profit, the “Wall of Honor.” It’s an effort to salute local heroes in North Dakota using digital indoor billboards. ~~~ TellTale: Dakota Folklife and Stories is a collection of narratives about life on the North Dakota plains. Today we share an episode about a time when people with a communicable disease could be committed to a sanitarium. ~~~ A story about new ways to bring art to elders amid the pandemic as reported by Bill Thomas in a “Little Stories” report. ~~~ Capitol Shakespeare is presenting a free performance of Henrik Ibsen’s “A Doll House.” The play is considered as the birth of modern theater. It depicts a woman’s suffering in a man’s world. Joining us is Kayli Stanger, who has the lead role as Nora.