North Dakota the 5th best state for teachers

Sep 24, 2018

A recent survey of the best and worst states for teachers has North Dakota listed as the 5th best.

The survey was conducted by Wallet Hub, a personal finance website. Analyst Jill Gonzalez says there were a number of bright spots for North Dakota in the survey.

Social service 'zones' proposed

Sep 24, 2018

As part of a reorganization of social services in North Dakota, the Department of Human Services is proposing grouping county social services into “zones.”

"Over the last few years, there have been a number of counties that have formed multi-county social service districts," said Department of Human Services director Chris Jones. "We're looking at that concept to group some other counties together."

Jones said not only are there administrative efficiencies, it could better serve North Dakotans.

"We will be able to move dollars across borders," Jones said.

Tenure for college presidents proposed

Sep 24, 2018

The state Board of Higher Education will consider the option of granting tenure to college presidents.

The matter will be discussed at the Board meeting Thursday.

Chancellor Mark Hagerott brought up the proposal at a governance committee meeting.

"Because of these budget cuts, we've given no pay raises to the presidents for several years, and I don't see one coming, there are some non-monetary things we can do," Hagerott told the Committee.

'Generation Citizen' comes to ND

Sep 23, 2018
Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

A group promoting civic education and literacy made a presentation to North Dakota school superintendent Kirsten Baesler’s student cabinet Friday.

"Our mission is simple -- we want to see every student in the country get an active civics education, where they learn how our political institutions work," said Andrew Wilks, director of policy and advocacy for "Generation Citizen."

Wilkes said students do that by getting involved in a project based, non-partisan way.

"We have a ways to go to connect civic knowledge with civics skills and participation," Wilkes said.

A Washington DC advocacy group has arrived in North Dakota to support the Measure 3 campaign.

Opponents of the measure to legalize recreational marijuana have asked the state Board of Higher Education to formally weigh in against the measure.

University system director of student affairs Katie Fitzsimmons told the Board’s Governance Committee the Attorney General’s office and other organizations opposed to measure 3 made the request. She told the committee it could be a great opportunity to approach the issue from a student health and wellness perspective.

Burgum: 30,000 jobs probably open in ND

Sep 21, 2018
Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

Job Service North Dakota lists around 14,500 open jobs in the state.

But Gov. Doug Burgum believes it’s more than that. He said the number is likely closer to 30,000. He told reporters he gets that number from talking with employers.

"I always ask them, 'How many jobs do you have open, and how many jobs do you have posted?'" Burgum said. "In some cases, with our health care providers, they only have 10 percent of the nursing positions posted. In manufacturing, they often have five times as many jobs as they have posted."

Dave Thompson / Prairie Public

North Dakota education professionals say since the federal “No Child Left Behind” act was replaced by the “Every Student Succeeds Act,” there’s a new attitude and new energy in the classroom.

Critics of “No Child Left Behind” called it punitive in nature, basing measures of success solely on test scores. They said the ESSA replacement focuses on the whole child and how the students learn.

Minot State University reports relatively flat overall enrollment numbers.

But there are a couple of bright spots.

Minot State’s total headcount for the fall semester is 3189 students. Fulltime student numbers were up .6 percent, while the overall number was down .8 percent.

But MSU president Steve Shirley said he’s very happy to see the numbers related to the freshman class.

"Just under 400 freshmen -- 397," Shirley said. "That's our biggest class in seven years."

Medical cannabis helping hundreds of patients in Moorhead

Sep 20, 2018
D. Webster

Minnesota Medical Solutions, or "MinnMed" CEO Dr. Joseph Westwater says there are currently 17,000 patients in Minnesota with qualified conditions that may be treated with medical cannabis.