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Residents got together to dispose of trash, wipe out graffiti and sweep up shattered glass. A volunteer named Hillary said she felt responsible for her community and wanted to take care of it.

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Los Angeles businesses had plans to reopen this week as the city lifted COVID-19 restrictions. But violence, looting and vandalism in response to George Floyd's death have put some plans on hold.

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During lockdown, Kiesha Preston has heard from many people facing physical, psychological and/or sexual abuse that the violence against them is escalating without reprieve.

Twice now, on March 13 and again on April 27, President Trump gathered some of the country's top corporate executives — from test producers to lab processors to major retailers — to tout his plan to make COVID-19 testing widely available. His vision: Blanket the country in drive-through testing sites.

Robin Rokobauer doesn't like to chance it. When there's a hurricane, she almost always evacuates.

Rokobauer lives in Cocoa Beach, Fla., on a barrier island between the Atlantic Ocean and 153-mile-long Indian River Lagoon. Her mother is 93.

"She's got to have flushing toilets," Rokobauer says of her mother. "She's got to have fresh water. She's just got some physical needs that require that."

With the widespread expansion of vote-by-mail this year in response to the pandemic, both major political parties and their allies are waging an intense legal battle to shape the rules around absentee and mail-in voting.

The details matter a lot and could affect the outcome in November.

Kim Timko used to rely on Rent The Runway for dresses for weddings and parties, outfits for date nights, and professional clothes for her job as a lawyer in New York. She says the clothing-rental service is "a nice way to have expensive clothes without having to buy."

But weddings have been postponed, parties canceled, and Timko is working from home during the coronavirus pandemic. Like many others, she has put her Rent The Runway subscription on hold. She may even cancel it.

2 Tribal Casinos In Connecticut Roll The Dice And Reopen

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Tribal casinos in Connecticut reopening on Monday in defiance of state leadership. They are the latest to make that decision.