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Breaking Barriers

Excerpts from the Red River Rainbow Seniors oral history project called “Breaking Barriers: Harvesting LGBTQ Stories from the Northern Plains, which features stories from folks who grew up back when being “out” was socially unacceptable.

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Latest Episodes
  • Ella Huwe is interviewed by Darrel Hansen, from a conversation recorded in 2018.
  • Tony Christensen is interviewed by Robert Stone in a conversation from 2018.
  • Kevin recounts experiences from his rural upbringing, military service, and LGBT advocacy in North Dakota.
  • Born in the 50s, Jan served in the military and got married, but finally came to grips with who she truly was.
  • On the occasion of The Transgender Day of Remembrance (Nov. 20), this excerpt from the Breaking Barriers Oral History project aired on the Main Street…
  • David Fischer was born in South Dakota in 1950, but soon moved to North Dakota, growing up when being gay was often puzzling, and being out wasn’t…
  • Randy's path takes him through Catholic schooling, traditional marriage, and parenthood before finally embracing his true self.
  • In this episode, we hear from Robert Uebel as he visits with volunteer Mark Chekola.
  • Lynn recalls some difficult times.
  • In this excerpt, Anita Bender shares part of her coming out story, including the consequences her Mennonite parents faced for supporting her. She visits…