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February 2: Corrupt Practices Act

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Over the years, myriad allegations of bad acts by candidates in elections have surfaced in North Dakota – some serious, others less so. For over a century, state laws have sought to clamp down on candidate misconduct.

On this date in 1912, the Bismarck Tribune reminded voters that the new Corrupt Practice Act of 1911 would be in effect during a city bond election just days away. The Tribune noted there would be no transport for voters from around town to the polls as in years past. The newspaper said: “Voters must walk.” There would be no electioneering on Election Day, nor any “election cigars or drinks.” Quoth the Tribune: “Perish the thought.”

Over the years, myriad allegations have surfaced in connection with North Dakota’s Corrupt Practices Act, which was revised in 1981. Here's a sampling. In 1914, a Bowman County judge contested his election loss, accusing his opponent of bribing voters by saying he would take less pay if elected. The case resulted in the first disqualification of a candidate under the Corrupt Practice Act, and it allowed the judge to retain his seat.

In 1965, several state senators denounced pressure and intimidation from lobbyists related to legislation regarding the territories of rural electrification cooperatives. One senator alleged “veiled threats” to oppose completely unrelated legislation, and retaliation against lawmakers who were business owners.

In another episode that played out from 1969 to 1975, state and federal court cases involved several prominent North Dakota Democrats accused of embezzling Minot bank funds for political purposes. It included state lawmakers, a former congressman and other party leaders, who were also bank executives and stockholders. The cases ended with dismissed charges or plea deals and fines.

In 1982, Democrats cried foul after a Republican state lawmaker distributed more than 500 cartons of eggs in residential areas in Towner County the evening before the general election, which he narrowly won. The cartons said “egg-sperience counts.” The lawmaker said he got the idea from Democrats who had given out pumpkins and watermelons in previous elections! The Towner County state’s attorney investigated and found no wrongdoing.

Dakota Datebook by Jack Dura


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