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Danielle Lincoln Hanna: "Mailboat Mysteries" ~ International Music Camp ~ Potter Tama Smith

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Danielle Lincoln Hanna is the author of the Mailboat Suspense Series, set in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. She now lives in the Rocky Mountains of Montana, but was born in North Dakota and spent many of her formative years in the state. She joins us to discuss her writing, including her latest book in the Mailboat series, “The Shift in the Wind.” ~~~ The International Music Camp at the Peace Garden has been around for over 60 years, but the pandemic has interrupted the popular summer camp. So, this summer they went on the road. Bill Thomas visited with Jason Rygg, guest conductor, and Christine Bauman, the camp's co-director, during their stop at NDSU. ~~~ We get a sample of Sunday’s Great American Folkshow in an excerpt that features Tama Smith of Prairie Fire Pottery in Beach.