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The Densmore Repatriation Project ~ Food Sovereignty ~ News Debrief ~ Movie Review: The Black Phone

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Friday, July 22, 2022 - A Lakota language and culture revitalization project is underway at a recording studio in Bismarck. Songs recorded more than a century ago are now being used to teach language and culture to Standing Rock Tribal members by re-recording them in a new and contemporary setting. Alicia Hegland-Thorpe has the story. ~~~ Native Americans have been growing food to feed their communities … and connect to their spirituality and cultures … for millennia. But colonization separated many Native Americans from their traditional foods. Now the idea of food sovereignty — or people having the right to control where and how they get food — is growing. And as Lauren Hines reports for Harvest Public Media… new formal programs to promote native foods are popping up across the Midwest. ~~~ Dave Thompson joins us for this week’s news chat. ~~~ Matt Olien reviews “The Black Phone.”