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The Folk Art of Emily Lunde ~ Rural Veterinarian Shortage ~ Humanities ND's Brenna Gerhardt

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Art by Emily Lunde

Monday, November 14, 2022 - “Uff Da: The Folk Art of Emily Lunde” is the title of an exhibit at the Barnes County Museum. Joining us to talk about Lunde is Dr. Suzzanne Kelley, editor-in-chief of the ND State University press, whose dissertation featured Lunde and four other “memory artists” of the Great Plains region, from Texas to Saskatchewan. ~~~ Veterinarian clinics in rural communities have been dramatically declining in numbers for decades. Rural veterinarians often get paid less than urban practitioners, take on more workload and carry thousands of dollars in debt from medical school. Harvest Public Media’s Xcaret Nuñez reports. ~~~ Brenna Gerhardt, executive director of Humanities North Dakota visits with John Harris in an excerpt of the Prairie Pulse television show.