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Ritchison - New State Climatologist; Baumgarten on disgraced Sen. Holmberg

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Daryl Ritchison assumes the role of state climatologist for North Dakota
Daryl Ritchison assumes the role of state climatologist for North Dakota

Today's Segments:

Daryl Ritchison Assumes the Role of State Climatologist for ND

North Dakota State University has appointed Daryl Ritchison as the state climatologist for North Dakota. Ritchison, who also serves as the director of NDSU's North Dakota Agriculture Weather Network (NDAWN), brings over 30 years of professional meteorological experience to the role. His extensive career includes weather forecasting in various regions across the country and for numerous regional television stations. Ritchison's expertise will be instrumental in advancing the state's climate research and agricultural weather monitoring.

April Baumgarten and Her Reporting on Ray Holmberg

April Baumgarten, a reporter for The Forum, discusses her investigative work on the case involving Sen. Ray Holmberg. Baumgarten and her colleagues at The Forum broke the story on the text messages between Sen. Holmberg and Nicholas Morgan-Derosier. This investigation led to a significant development where Sen. Holmberg signed a plea deal, agreeing to plead guilty to a charge of traveling with intent to engage in illicit sexual activity.

Natural North Dakota - Peace Garden

Chuck Lura, in this Natural North Dakota essay, explores the hidden treasure located in north central North Dakota: the International Peace Garden. This unique site, situated on the border between the United States and Canada, offers a serene and beautifully landscaped environment dedicated to peace and friendship between the two nations. Lura delves into the history, significance, and natural beauty of the garden, highlighting its role as a symbol of international cooperation and harmony.

Precision AG

Precision agriculture has been touted as a revolutionary approach to farming since the mid-1990s, promising to provide growers with more detailed data about their operations and the technology to utilize that information effectively. Eric Schmid of Harvest Public Media reports on the advancements and current state of precision agriculture. While some promises have been realized, such as the development of sophisticated equipment and the availability of hard data on farm performance, Schmid examines how much of the revolution has truly materialized and its impact on modern farming practices.