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July 4th: Unsung Heroes of the American Revolution

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Image by Shelly M. Johnson

This is a documentary that commemorates the Fourth of July holiday.

Created, produced, and hosted by Shelley M. Johnson, it covers major events of the Revolutionary War and stories of the unsung heroes who were instrumental in winning the Patriots’ sovereignty from England. It focuses on the roles Native and African Americans, women and abolitionists played in not only helping win the war but their push to end slavery. It educates listeners on the fight marginalized people had at the beginning of our nation to achieve freedom and liberty. It contains music of the Revolutionary period with compelling and entertaining stories that detail events and people not typically covered in history books.

The program features quotes, poetry and information that celebrate the many heroes who have often been ignored by historians with an overriding message of what true liberty, equality and freedom should mean as foundational rights to be granted to all. The program features professional narrators Ron Samuels, Linda O’Brian, and Bob Looney along with special music from composer/performer Joe Rozum and Anne and Ridley Enslow.

About Shelley M. Johnson

Shelley M. Johnson is a seasoned journalist, writer, producer and talk show host. She is also the creator of a popular women’s empowerment talk show podcast called Women Road Warriors that “powers women on the road to success.” She interviews experts and celebrities on topics that empower women in every walk of life. More information about her show can be found at www.womenroadwarriors.com.