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We Meet Rick Gion

We meet Rick Guion, the major gifts manager at Prairie Public and a self-described food adventurer, shares his passion for food and its power to connect people.

He will be a regular contribute to Main Street with our new "Prairie Plates" segment.

His journey into the world of diverse cuisines began in his late teenage years through working with refugee resettlement programs, introducing him to a variety of ethnic flavors. Rick runs a blog called FM Eats (Fargo Moorhead Eats), which has gained a substantial following for promoting ethnic foods in the Fargo-Moorhead area and beyond. He emphasizes food's role in creating a vibrant, welcoming community, especially in times of political divisiveness.

Rick's social media posts, particularly about soups and ethnic cuisines, receive significant engagement, reflecting the community's seasonal and diverse taste preferences. Despite not cooking much for himself anymore, Rick reminisces about his experiences cooking professionally and for friends and family on special occasions. He discusses sourcing ingredients for ethnic dishes from local and ethnic grocery stores, highlighting the joy he finds in exploring these shops.

Rick also touches on his writing for the High Plains Reader and his role as a food judge, including his excitement about judging alongside Molly Yeh at an upcoming festival. He reflects on the importance of passion in the restaurant industry, citing personal interactions with chefs and restaurant owners who put love into their cooking. Finally, Rick offers insights into the post-COVID recovery of restaurants and shares his favorite dining spots across North Dakota and Minnesota, encouraging listeners to explore and support local eateries.