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Jaeger: Extend time to submit initiative petitions

Secretary of State Al Jaeger is asking the Legislature to propose a Constitutional change – concerning when petitions for initiated measures need to be filed with his office.

Currently, the Constitution says the petition needs to be submitted 90 days before an election. Jaeger wants to change that to 120 days.

"That would allow the Secretary of State's office 35 days to review the petition, 10 days for a sponsoring committee to challenge any decisions that we have," said Jaeger. "It would also allow the Supreme Court 20 days in which to review any challenges before the ballot has to be certified."

Last year, supporters of a measure to allow medical marijuana use challenged Jaeger’s decision to keep the measure off the ballot due to election fraud.

If the resolution -- which is HCR 3034 -- passes both chambers, it would be on the statewide ballot in 2014.

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