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Study says MRCC should not be co-located with YCC

A consultant says while moving the minimum security Missouri River Correctional Center to the campus of the state Youth Correctional Center is not a good idea – something has to be done about the buildings at the MRCC.

The MRCC is along the Missouri River just south of Bismarck. The Youth Center is just west of Mandan.

BWBR Architects -- a St. Paul firm -- was tasked with seeing if the MRCC could be on the same grounds as the YCC. Consultant Mark Ludgatis told the Legislature’s Budget Section – because the MRCC houses some sex offenders, it would not a good fit with the youth facility. But Ludgatis says the existing buildings at the MRCC have developed mold problems.

"Some of the mold problems seem to be caused by some of the flooding that happened over two of the last six years," Ludgatis told the Budget Section. "Some of the mold problems are related to moisture in the walls of the buildings."

Ludgatis says legislators should consider replacing those buildings, if the MRCC stays put.

"The buildings there are at the end of their life," said Ludganis.

Some recreational and environmental groups want to see the MRCC land turned into a state park. And some of them say this study bolsters their arguments. The 2015 Legislature could consider moving the minimum security prison somewhere else – and turning the existing land into a park.

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