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Grand Forks lawmaker wants to go back to the pre-2013 voter ID law

A Grand Forks lawmaker wants to return the state’s election laws to their pre-2013 condition.

The 2013 Legislature passed a more stringent voter ID law. It ended the use of “voter affidavits” – and required voters to have an ID issued by the Department of Transportation, a college or university student ID, or an ID issued by a nursing home.

State Rep. Corey Mock (D-Grand Forks) says the new laws have their problems.

"In Grand Forks, for example, we had many students and non-students alike that were turned away because they did not have the proper identification," said Mock. "And there was no good procedure to allow them to vote."

Mock says this bill would start the conversation on making changes in voter ID laws.

"It brings us back to an even playing field, that opens access to the ballot box, insures that there is a process for every qualified elector to cast a ballot on an election day."

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