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Job Service North Dakota hiring temporary help

The “help wanted” sign is out – at Job Service-North Dakota.

"Job Service has begun the process of hiring some additional temporary staff to assist with the administration of unemployment insurance claims," said Job Service director Cheri Giesen.

Giesen says her agency has received $100,000 in additional funding from the federal Labor Department. That’s due to the increased workload. Giesen says it goes toward temporary staff, as well as overtime for existing staff.

"We had an additional 200 claims per week last year," Giesen said. "This year, we're seeing an additional 300 claims per week."

This comes on the heels of Job Service having to lay off 40 staffers, and closing several offices around the state, to make up for a $4 million federal budget cut. Job Service went to the state Emergency Commission for some stop-gap funding. That commission okayed the request, but the Legislature's Budget Section said no. Opponents said since Job Service is a federally funded agency, the state shouldn't have to pick up the tab.

Giesen says Job Service could receive as much as $500,000 – if the workload remains heavy over the course of the year.

"We'll be able to keep people on as long as we need to," Giesen said.

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